2017 gel nail trends were all about negative space, variations of the good old French manicure, and glitter. 2018 has all of that and more. Love floral looks? They’re in. A fan of metallic accents? They still work! Enjoy experimenting with stripes? Go ahead! Enails.eu beauty specialists have rounded up 6 of the most striking gel nail ideas for this spring and summer. Have a look and learn from our tips!


 According to Vogue, the ten color trends for 2018 spring & summer are:

  • lavender;

  • ultra violet;

  • rapture rose;

  • blue sky;

  • nile green;

  • military green;

  • milk white;

  • chocolate brown;

  • yellow;

  • tomato red.

 As you can see, spring & summer colors are heading to two opposite directions and that means there's a choice for everyone! If you're more into vibrant colors, you’ll look trendy with your nails painted in yellow or ultra violet.

 If you prefer pastel hues, you'll love creating lightblue nail designs with Gelish blue tones. Love those green hues? Go for it! There’s no one-size-fits-all and that’s why this year is so great regarding trending nail colors. Now, how to use them to create stunning gel nail art?


Good news for all the gals who love that cold, shiny look - metallicaccents are still trendy and they go well with vibrant colors. You can play around with a wide spectrum of gel nail art ideas – from single stripes for minimalism lovers, to full metallic coats for the ones that need a little boldness in their lives.


Follow these steps to get the crackle nail effect:

  • paint base color and let it dry;

  • apply one coat of crackle on top;

  • experiment with different thickness applications – it will give you different crackling effects.

 Watch this step-by-step tutorial for more details on how to get this look:


If you love metallic nailsbut would rather go for a minimalistic look, try adding metallic stripes on your gel nails instead of covering the whole nail with a metallic color. For example, gold stripes will look great on rapture rose gel nails. You can add the stripes in any way you want – on all or some of the nails depending on their color. Plus, you can make various geometrical shapes – imagination has no limits!

Watch the step-by-step striped nail art tutorial here

Credit: Pinterest Credit: Pinterest


 Would love to try outombre nail art?It’s still trendy and way easier to achieve than it looks like! See it for yourself in this tutorial:

We suggest you use orange gel polish for a vibrant ombre nail design, or turn your nailsinto a blue ocean for a fresh

summer look!

Credit: Pinterest Credit: Pinterest


Floral patterns are still trendy in 2018 spring and summer! Embrace the 60’s hippie vibe with romantic flowers in fashionable rapture rose, lavender and many other colors.

Credit: Pinterest

Watch a step by step tutorial on how to create intricate floral nail art design:

Credit: Pinterest

Would love to trystamping nail art to create abstract floral patterns? Watch this tutorial and learn how to get fashionable nail designs using this year’s color - ultra violet.


Prefer natural nail designs? Don’t worry – nude color nails are trendy, too, and they go great with almost any outfit. Tip: decorate your ring fingers with white abstract patterns for an elegant finish!

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If you’re aiming for cool nails, try playing around with negative space. Minimalistic dashes and dots are really in this season, and they will look stunning on fresh spring nail colors like milky

white and other pastel or nude hues.

Credit: Pinterest Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

That’s’ about it, ladies! Make sure to visit our shop for the best gel nail polishes to recreate these stunning nail designs. Stay gorgeous!