Canvas * Ezflow Trugel

Ezflow SKU: 42405
Canvas * Ezflow Trugel
Canvas * Ezflow Trugel

Canvas * Ezflow Trugel

Ezflow SKU: 42405
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Ezflow TruGel

EzFlow has formulated products for the nail industry using the latest technologies available. Trugel delivers extra-shine and long lasting color. It is formulated to cure under UV and LED light. EzFlow follows fashion, from elegant to trendy and embraces the growing craze of nail design.


TruGel introduces 100% gel polish in a bottle
Strengthens nails with mega-shine and long-lasting color
Safe for natural nails
Protective gel formula leaves nails healthier and stronger
Brushes on like polish for easier application
Formulated to cure under both LED and UV lights
Soaks off easily in 10 minutes - no drilling or filing needed

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