Manicure SET * Kiepe

Kiepe SKU: A603N
Manicure SET * Kiepe
Manicure SET * Kiepe

Manicure SET * Kiepe

Kiepe SKU: A603N
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Manicure SET Contains (Nichel plated instruments)

1 x Wallet Golden Snake Leather
2 x Manicure scissors
1 x Cuticle nippers
1 x File (metal)
4 x Manicure instruments
1 x Tweezer  

Kiepe history

Premana is a small town in northern Italy, situated near Lecco, and has been giving hospitability to KIEPE Professional since the 60s.
Passion, innovation and technology meet here to create tools which the professionals in the field of “beauty” use and appreciate every day.

Through its choice to serve only the professional sector, KIEPE Professional aims to increase its own customers in a global perspective offering products which are not only cutting tools but also a more global range of articles to satisfy all demands.

Behind every KIEPE Professional’s product there a choice of raw materials and a studied in depth research.
A creative spirit and the passion for design and for technology are the values KIEPE Professional was able to transform into products appreciated all over the world because of their typically Italian grit.

Our mark boasts nowadays a world wide distribution that touches the five continents with a concentration in the biggest European cities.
There is a spirit which makes every product unique and is the ability to introduce innovations by holding fast to a tradition made of obstinacy.   

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